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Integration with iTalisman
New Awareness

At AStrology Prediction we found a way to connect you with your astrological sign fully charged with pure energy of cosmos! We call this connection The iTalisman!
Continue and learn all about the mysticastrological powers that will enhance Your Life!

Download Astrology Prediction iTalisman and enhance your life!

iTalisman places man in direct contact with the cyclic forces of Nature, to which he may attune himself over and above the dissonances and be in harmony with other people, and society. It teaches you to be in harmony with the observable rhythms of nature.

It helps man to understand your own anxieties, failures and unhappiness, whatever their origins may be. Finally and fully in terms of yourself and your own rhythms, which replicas the rhythm of Nature.

The basic principle of astrology is that man can choose to develop his good and constructive qualities, rather than to indulge his bad and destructive. He can choose his times for action, rather than remain passive before the tides of circumstance.

Download Astrology Prediction iTalisman and enhance your life!
Integration with iTalisman

The believe in iTalisman enables you to actively participate in the life of the Universe as you consciously identify with the planetary cycles and the forces of Nature.

We become more at one with Nature, working in conscious rhythm with Her cycles and with one another as well, oarsmen all pulling together for maximum power.

LIGHT, WISDOM of Astrology and INTEGRATION with the iTalisman will enable you to look back upon your life, understand the events of the past and learn more from them.

Stress will loose its power to hurt. Life will cease to be directionless and revealed as a pattern that is truly yours.

Download Astrology Prediction iTalisman and enhance your life!
New Awareness

Astrology is really the study of life it self, for the whole universe is alive, filled with vibrations (pulsing energies being expressed in cycles), and astrology brings us into awareness of the awesome intimacy of our place in this universe.

You will learn to understand yourself as a unique construction of consciousness potentials, you will become able to chart the coming important periods and project into the future and plan your own "Grand Strategy of Living".

By believing in your Astrological iTalisman you will no longer be only a passive receiver of life energies, with your new awareness you will become an active center of life-force yourself. You will fulfill yourself as a Son or Daughter of the Cosmos.

Download Astrology Prediction iTalisman and enhance your life!
Your iTalisman
iTalisman is a new generation of virtual talismans.
Not only iTalisman brings success and good luck, but also...
it neutralizes negative effects produced by hostile energy-information fields that surrounds us.
iTalisman is a powerful Universe Energy transmitter.
iTalisman is very personal and serves only its master.
There are no limits to iTalisman use.

Do you know what makes a iTalisman different from the amulet? Amulet simply protects against the evil eye and contributes to success, the talisman is directly linked to your identity, therefore able to enhance individual strengths and minimize weaknesses. That is why iTalisman should be charged with your own energy. Your iTalisman, when first activated, connects with you and only works for you.
To make sure your iTalisman properly serves you, it should never be given away or lent to anybody. Let your iTalisman be always at hand.

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