We are responsible for choosing the path of our lives, we are responsible for making all of the decisions. There is no need to hide behind the mask of hope that everything will be alright, because negative energies will find their ways inside of you and will harm you.

Everything in this world is not permanent, everything is transitional. If you hit the rocky bottom, remember - this too shall pass. Do not be afraid to believe in your strength: whatever happens - happens for the best.

There are no accidents in Astrology: the ending of something has always meant the new beginning, and if a door has closed before you in your life, be sure that another one just opened. The only thing that is needed to find your life path - is to calm down and turn on your iTalisman, tune your mind and you will clearly see the door leading to success.

You are the designer of your destiny, the question is - which path you choose.

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