The fundamental principle of life is a principle of a dynamic balance. Pain is just a signal, just a healthy reaction to disarray in our body.

A human is a body, conscious and subconscious. Through centuries we have gathered a wealth of knowledge about our body and our conscious, but still we did not even start unlocking the secrets of our super- ego.

Subconscious or super-ego is an energy-informational structure of humans, where encoded program of behavior and information about our ancestors are stored. Therefore the causes of our illnesses and problems should also be stored on a level deeper than biophysical or biochemical, on a level of energy-informational field. Here, in this field, our emotions, feelings and intelligence come to existence.

Our thoughts are a special type of energy represented by encoded information. All of our problems and illnesses are a result of our own materialized negative emotions and thoughts. It is necessary to understand that the reasons for our sufferings lay inside of us, not in the surrounding world. This is why it is so important to increase levels of and to reinforce our positive energies.