Pursue the Truth
When I was a child, I was bugging adults with questions about how everything has begun, or how our world was created and what was before it all has started and what was round it, and what is around our Universe? Their answers showed to me that they knew nothing.

When I grew up, I decided one day to order for myself an Astrological forecast. There was one thing in the forecast that has amazed me the most: it predicted that I, the atheist, trusting only in science, will come to Church.

Years have passed and I have come to Church for help and answers... but have not found them there. I have addressed to the Astrology with questions, but answers were indistinct and did not give me a spiritual support I was looking for. Year passed after year and the life routine has again distracted me from these thoughts, but the next punishment again has put me in a way of exploring these questions.

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