The Truth Is Somewhere Close By
Today science has advanced. There are a lot of new information and I realized that the answers are all around us, but they are fragmented into small grains, and therefore can not be clearly seen.

If you add up all the religious beliefs of the people on Earth, while casting aside the differences in the rituals and allegories of religious books, it becomes evident that they all say basically the same thing. If you add up all those fractions of different faiths, they will form a grain of truth. But at the end it will be half-hearted anyway - only half of the truth.

If we add here the discoveries of psychologists, astronomers, physicists of all kinds and categories, then we will end up with two thirds of the truth.
And it seems now we are ready to grasp and understand the whole truth!
Or may I be wrong again?
The ways of God are in inscrutable.

To Be Continued...