Where is Truth
Since my childhood I've been restlessly searching for the answer to these questions: Who are We? What We Are? Why are We here, on Earth? What is the reason for our existence? Church, psychic, prophets are only a small part of multitude of strange and inexplicable phenomena around us.

As I was growing older, my life was demanding more and more every minute decisions and the important questions were becoming more obscure. The time was passing and I was getting a strong feeling that unknown forces were punishing me for not fulfilling the quest I was sent to Earth for.

And each time I was starting to think about my important questions I had a sensation, that I am driven through the tunnel, not allowing to step aside. And then, having broken in blood my elbows and knees, trying to change my life, again I was coming back to these questions. I should find the answer to stop the senseless wondering in life.

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