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Did you know that weekdays are named after seven visible planets of Solar system?
Sunday - from English Sun
Monday - from English Moon
Tuesday (French Mardi) - from Mars
Wednesday (French Mercredi) - from Mercury
Thursday (French Jeudi) - from Jupiter
Friday (French Vendredi) - from Venus
Saturday - from English Saturn

Did you know that Physicians have always been involved with Astrology?
Greek philosopher Hippocrates, often regarded as "father of medicine" once said: "Physician without knowledge of astrology should not be called physician"

Every part of human body is associated with sign of Zodiac!
Aries - head, face
Taurus - neck, throat
Gemini - hands, lungs, nervous system
Cancer - breast, stomach
Leo - heart, back
Virgo - gut, liver, pancreas, bladder, rectum, buttocks
Libra - kidney, adrenal gland, reins
Scorpio - genitals, urogenital system
Sagittarius - liver, hips, side
Capricorn - bones, teeth, ligaments, knees
Aquarius - ankle, blood circulation system
Pisces - foot, immune system, hormone system